Dana Borisova said that the father of her daughter is threatened she is going to pick up the child

TV presenter Dana Borisova continues to deal with their men. This time the attention of the blonde earned her ex-boyfriend and father of their total daughter Maxim Aksenov.

As the ex-husband Nargiz Zakirova, Aksenov, according to This, it is threatened. In the proof of Borisov gave journalists their Maxim texts, where black and white about that now they will “talk differently”, “This clown that you made, I’ll remember! It was an extreme point! Not allowed to hide from me my child that you so took on all summer, in her birthday! You’re not a mother! Gifts left at the entrance of the Concierge. We’ll talk the same way anymore!”

The angry message was sent to Dana on the day of the birth of their daughter Polina. Then Dana supposedly not allowed Maxim to congratulate Pauline.

The opinion of the second party regarding this situation does not yet exist. But Borisov continues his story and shares with the press that the child lies completely on her shoulders. Dana prejudice even in the purchase of a new dress, since be spent exclusively on the child: “in the morning we with Pauline preparing for the holiday and asked Maxim to come to the restaurant, but he refused to go. It is once in six months sends my daughter 15 years from him no news. Before the holiday he sent me 10 Grand, although I spent 100 000. He writes me threatening messages, said that he would take my daughter away from that I’m not a mother. Recently he accused me that I all the money I spend on myself though I don’t even remember when was the last time I bought a new dress. At the clinic where I currently work, I have a decent salary, enough for me to provide the daughter to pay tuition and go on vacation once a year. But in tutoring I pay can not, I asked him to help me. But he says that I’ll spend on myself, although he never even was in school Pauline and had not seen the teachers. Thank God for his parents who occasionally help with things, and sometimes money.”

This relationship Maxim was Given to his suffering, because he wants to daughter communicated with dad. But lately, this desire, the girl herself is reluctant. It is necessary to persuade to meet up with Aksenov, but often Pauline refuses to see dad. Thus, 9-year-old child himself makes the choice in favor of the mother: “birthday, I gave him the address and phone number of the restaurant, asked to come. But he never even entered the restaurant, refused to participate in the celebration. Pauline came out to him outside and he left, leaving the entrance of the two LEGO. He says I’m opposed to his child. But every time I spend hours trying to persuade Pauline to come out and meet him. I said, “you Have a beautiful, 35-year-old, single dad on the Porsche Panamera. Take him for a walk!”. I hope that someday he will come around, it’s his only child that needs his attention.”

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