Dana Borisova revealed details of the future wedding

Yesterday Dana Borisova was in good health, in particular, a rise in temperature and General malaise that triggered the message about the novel with a certain Armenian, with a salary of 30 thousand rubles per month. But today the condition got better and the TV presenter is happy to share the details of the upcoming wedding, which will no matter what.

So, in a conversation with journalists, Borisov admitted that the wedding was to be held this fall, but due to the particular desire of the groom, celebration postponed for six months.

“Sasha wants everything to be lush and to have sung Valery Meladze. And it all dates to next year full… Well, spring the trap, are well prepared,” — said Dana.

In addition Borisova revealed the secret of meeting with her future husband. It turned out that a couple of pals for four years.

According to star, the first time they met in the showroom, but romance, the couple began only recently. Dana admits that Alexander conquered her desire to surround her with love and care, give her the opportunity to feel like a fragile woman.


Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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