Dana Borisova helps Eugene to Aspen rehab

In Instagram Dana Borisova, which is treated in Thailand for drug addiction, published a video with singer Eugene Wasp. She helps him to cope with the problem of alcohol dependence.


The video Yevgeny Osin Dana thanked Borisov for the fact that she dumped him and helps with treatment. He said that he hopes with the help of Borisova to overcome my addiction. He also said that the clinic, which is now expected of the other. The fact that here he is forced to go to group sessions.

Evgeny Osin says that he has his own way of dealing with the problem – prayers. He says he wanted the clinic to open spiritual lessons, as he often prays. He also said that in these lessons they participants would read the gospel, prayed in the morning and before bedtime.

Many fans wrote in the comments, I hope that, with God’s help the singer recover. They also wished him good luck. Also there are users who do not share such confidence. They believe that he will not be able to give up addiction.