Dana Borisova has reconciled with the father of her daughter Maxim Aksenov

Well-known Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova imbued with the holiday spirit of kindness and decided to forget old grudges, put with the former civil wife of Maxim Aksenov. Celebsonline not only reconciled with the father of her only daughter Pauline, but even allowed the former husband to spend a weekend with the child.

As reported by insiders, those close to Dan, Maxim began to pay more attention to nine-year-old daughter, and even expressed the desire to take Pauline to come on the weekend. Borisov did not prevent this, and even glad that the ex-husband takes such care because the girl missed it.
Now in life Borisova and everything is not easy. Recall that a Kozlevich said in a broadcast talk show with the statement that Dana – alcoholic, ready to exchange your child for a new man. So, the man said that he lived with the presenter about a week, and her daughter Polina was alone.
Borisov resent such statements and claims that this man had never seen. But most of all, it outraged not only the accusations of alcoholism, but the fact that it was exhibited as “the cuckoo”, who threw her own child.
“Fortunately, my daughter is now with his dad, he will not admit to it, not a drop of the filth that pours this disgusting Kozlevich, who I had never met. About alcohol, I realized, it is useless to prove, just look at my face. If there are visible signs of chronic disease? But most of all I resent his statement that Paula I’m the one left in the apartment, and the school she did not go, and I was with him,”said Dana.

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