Dana Borisova has asked for support to your friends

Every time fate presents Dana Borisova unpleasant surprises. Now, after returning from treatment in Thailand, TV host had a fight with some of my colleagues. Most recently, Dana has publicly fought to “Live” with Masha Malinovskaya, when girls did not mince words, accusing each other of drug addiction. Now she has started in Instagram public scandal with model Alena Kravets.

Alena Kravets has told his followers that she wrote Dana: “you Sit yourself in a beautiful place, at your favorite restaurant in Courchevel, celebrate a loved one and suddenly stoned pseudovelocity Mademoiselle Boo, Dana Borisova, which supposedly cured, which I strongly doubt, which I, a naive defender orphaned and poor, genuinely defended in the air of Federal channels from all attacks, wrote me at Christmas that’s such a low gross. Mademoiselle Boo, do you not have anything noble and sacred?! Although with your lifestyle and omission of decency to say no longer necessary. What can I say, my friends, drug addicts, ex prostitutes, does not happen…”

Dana, in turn, said that is not afraid of the threats of Alena: “Dear friends, please help the unfortunate of the offended woman Alena Kravets. In their writings, which she fills up my whole day, the lady in the “mostly red feathers and wigs” threatening me with physical violence with the help of “mighty knights”. My friends, we don’t live in the stone age, and I also have someone to stand up. My friends are widely known and do not hide their names, Andrey Malakhov, Dmitry Shepelev, Nikita Lushnikov. And even though I’m not sleeping with anyone of these great and noble men, I think they will be able to see that with my lovely blond head did not fall a single hair. Post about you and your intimate adventure, honey, I deleted so I believe that the remnants of the mind, you will collect and, God forbid, calm down”.

Here only the followers of both celebrities can’t understand why so publicly swearing and throwing mud at each other. “You’re both sick of the cuckoo?” — “Here Borisova need is sleeping with whom Kravets. Wrote, the Christmas, the day when all the people are blessed. Wrote that day, when he was in the monastery. And after all, did say that The head is all right?” — “Why Borisov is all beginning to write, the reason was, then. You have the same coterie of show-business all all know. And you now take and put Borisov idiot”. — “That’s the problem people have, kapets.” “And these people are considered the cream of society… Not just words… And shout to the world about faith, go on all sorts of cheap shows and give advice to others…” – wrote members.