Dana Borisova believes that starring in a reality show

As it became known from a close friend of the popular TV presenter Dana Borisova Oksana Romanenko to send Telebanking to Thailand for treatment for drug dependence, had to deceive her and tell that she was invited to shooting a new reality show. Otherwise, Dana would not lure. Like many drug addicts, Borisov argued that it had no problem.

Romanenko said that after the filming of the scandalous program “Let speak” with Andrey Malakhov, Elena Sparrow and Prokhor Chaliapin went to the apartment to Borisova and reported that its such a successful and famous leading want to see in the new project.
Borisov was quick delighted with this prospect, and even on arrival in Thailand could not believe that this is not a show. She thought that what is happening is part of the film.
“I imagine he’s mad at us now, realizing that no shooting will not, but for us the most important thing – her health. She is now severely depleted, looks like a sick anorexic” — said Oksana, and added that in parallel to treat would not hurt, and The mother Ekaterina Ivanovna. It is no secret that Borisova mother is not the warmest relationship, they fight constantly, and Romanenko believes that the current state of This is associated with her mother and a difficult relationship with her.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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