Dana Borisova attacked, shouting at Lera Kudryavtsev

Dana Borisova made a real scandal on the set of “the Secret to a million.” The girl yelled at Lera Kudryavtsev and insulted her.

Dana Borisova did not hold back while filming “the Secret in a million”. She had an argument with a leading Leroy Kudryavtseva.

The cause of the conflict was that Borisov did not want to answer the questions, which were intended for her. The star said that it will be considered inadequate if it will give answers to them.

Lera Kudryavtseva in the course of the shooting was doing his job and asking questions on the list given to her before the shooting. However, the heroine did not reply and instead made a scene and attacked screaming for Kudryavtsev.

Leading at the beginning tried to control himself, but soon, her patience came to an end. Kudryavtseva said that he can’t work in such a tense situation.

It is known that the release of Dana Borisova will be broadcast. Viewers soon learn what questions agreed to meet the visitor.

Earlier Borisov said that the rehabilitation in the center of Thailand is complete and she can once again return to normal life. She assured everyone that dealt with drug addiction, but still sometimes can’t keep his emotions under control.