Dana Borisova almost disrupted the shooting of “million dollar Secret” – 24???

Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova participated in the filming of the TV program “the Secret to a million.” During the filming of a celebrity than once left but came back, informs “Around.TV”.

Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova | WMJ.ru

Dana Borisova decided to tell my story, Lera Kudryavtseva, the leading program “the Secret to a million.” On the page in the network Instagram, the TV personality has confirmed its intentions.

The presenter explained that working on a contract with NTV. According to This, discuss her family she is not ready, calling it a taboo subject for the press. Also Borisov claims that its mission is to provide assistance to addicted people who need rehabilitation.

“The people in rehabilitation are changing, even at 41,” says Dana.

The release of “Secret in-a-million” with the participation Borisova is scheduled for September 16. NTV has published in his microblog the video, the hero of which was Dana. Many users of the Network suggest that shooting the woman was difficult.

Earlier, Dana Borisova went to rehab in Thailand, where he passed a course of drug treatment.