Dana Borisova-a new man

And we think it has transformed the well-known Russian TV presenter Dan Borisov during the absence. Famous blonde she revealed the card she had met the man of her dreams.

“Today, together with the man of my dreams had a wonderful day. Wandering through the Old Arbat, ate ice cream and watched the street musicians. And my phone and computer hacked and erased all photos from the wedding. Who would it be? It is insulting to tears!!!” — Dana wrote on his page in the social network. And we say to her, don’t bring up the failed past, we must live thinking about tomorrow.
Recall that only recently was Given divorced by Andrey Trotsenko, a businessman from Lugansk, who was married less than a year. Shortly after the divorce Borisov disappeared out of sight for a month, appearing noticeably thinner and shining. as it turned out, Dana along with daughter Pauline visited my mother in the Crimea.
“Friends, forgive me that for so long had disappeared. After what happened, I’m a month off the phone and flew to mom Pauline in the Crimea, about much thought. Now meet me in a new way after the gorgeous eyelash” -she said on his page on the social network immediately upon arriving home.
On the question of fans, where she found a new lover, blonde flirtatious replied: “It is not I found him, and he with me.”
I hope Dana will soon present to the public his new boyfriend, and cease to grieve about the photos from the wedding. In the end, some of them can be easily found online.

Source: http://www.wday.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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