Daisy Ridley to star in youth franchise “March of chaos”

Daisy Ridley to star in youth franchise “March of chaos”

Star of the new “Star wars” will play in the film adaptation of the bestseller by Patrick ness.

Star of the new “Star wars Daisy Ridley got another Hollywood franchise. Studio Lionsgate has entrusted a young Englishwoman starring role in the film adaptation of youth to the bestselling trilogy in the genre of sci-Fi utopia “March of chaos”.

In the three-volume Patrick ness (this year Hollywood releases a film adaptation of his “Voice of monster”) we are talking about a utopian future world in which after the attack of an unknown virus survived only men. A side effect of the virus is that now all citizens of this society can hear people’s thoughts entering their heads through the incessant Noise. The young protagonist is the only boy among men, finds a quiet place of absolute silence and gets dangerous knowledge, it opens the totalitarian nature of the society in which he lives.

From Ridley way, a strange mute girl that the hero meets on the way to the point of silence. Together they must evade and undermine totalitarian world.

The play will be performed by the Doug Liman (edge of tomorrow). The latest version of the script was written by Jamie Linden (“Financial monster”). Before him drama was Charlie Kaufman (“Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind,” “being John Malkovich”).

His schedule Daisy Ridley painted before next year: the girl will appear here, here and here. Work on the project will begin to boil in 2017.


Source and photo: kinomania.ru