Cutting hair according to the lunar calendar in October 2017

Make your haircut not only became a good addition to the image, but also bring you luck, you should choose the most favorable days to visit a hairdresser. Do it right in accordance with the lunar calendar.

Hair is an important element of the image, so the right haircut can help you feel more confident. Autumn due to the cold and windy weather your hair is exposed to negative impacts, and at this time of year, it requires special care and timely visits to the Barber. Making a haircut in a favorable day, you not only give beauty to your hair, but also attract to yourself positive energy.

1-2 October: in these days the Moon is in growth phase and located in the constellation of Aquarius. This period is favorable for experimental haircuts, which can introduce novelty to your image. If you are not a fan of the original hairstyles, it is better to postpone the trip to the hairdresser on a more suitable day. Most likely, the new haircut will delight you, and the hair becomes dull and lifeless.

3-4 Oct: zodiac Pisces adversely affect the scalp. So put aside any hair treatments that require chemicals. Today should prefer simple hairstyles, and not to trust a hair in the wrong hands. Take time useful procedures that will improve the appearance of your hair. Do not use store-bought conditioners, prefer masks, cooked at home.

October 5-6: a trip to the beauty salon the best day will be October 5th. The full moon in Aries is a good time to make the desired haircut, while not being afraid of unpleasant consequences. Any experiments will not only appeal to you and the people around him, but also attract good luck and new friendships. October 6 — Friday, this day is considered to be unsuitable for a campaign to the hairdresser. At this time occurring in our body the biochemical processes are slowed down, and after cutting the hair will take longer to grow.

October 7-8: the constellation Taurus will have a positive impact on your hair. Those who always wanted to radically change his image, but did not dare, at this time, will be able without risk to your hair to embody the desires in reality. The new look will give you positive energy, and your appearance is significantly transformed.

9-10 October: the neutral energy of the moon in the constellation Gemini will not affect the condition of your hair. Girls who have long wanted to trim my long hair, but were afraid of the result, feel free to sign up to the hairdresser. These days, the shearing will contribute to hair growth, but it is likely that they will become disobedient and will be much more difficult to resist styling. This is not the time to load your hair sophisticated hairstyles. Often try to comb hair then hair will give you the energy and appearance will be more casual and elegant.

October 11-12: the impact of Cancer on your hair can prove to be negative. Any manipulation of the hair will not justify your expectations. A new hairstyle can bring you discomfort, and the condition of the hair after a trip to the hairdresser will greatly disappoint. These days, you should pay special attention to hair care. Carry out treatments will give your hair a healthy appearance, and your appearance is significantly transformed.

13-15 Oct: the constellation of Leo will have a positive impact on your inner energy and condition of your hair. A visit to the hairdresser in this period will give you positive emotions, and your appearance will improve noticeably. Changes will be able to get the highest score with the opposite sex that will give you the opportunity to develop their personal lives.

October 16-17: start of a new week can inspire you to change in appearance. Try to start with the hair. New original haircut will give you a lot of positive emotions, increase confidence and allow you to enjoy its appearance.

18-19 October: the Libra will have a positive impact on your hair. A new haircut will have a positive impact on the appearance and your inner state. Try to be creative. It is not necessary to give preference to the most relevant hairstyles for this season, choose something original and unique to give brightness and uniqueness to your outfit.

20-22 October: the Moon is in the constellation of Scorpio. Its impact will positively affect your hair, so the trip to the hairdresser will not only give strength and energy to your hair, but will positively affect your health. Haircut will help you to attract good luck, a new love and to achieve success at work.

October 23-24: the influence of the zodiac of Sagittarius on the condition of your hair is very ambiguous. After the haircut, in this period your hair will grow back quickly, but will be unruly and not amenable to stacking. If you want your new haircut makes you happy longer desirable to defer the visit to the beauty shop for a more favorable time.

25-27 October: the constellation of Capricorn will give your hair strength and health. Both simple and experimental haircuts will have a positive impact on the appearance and hair structure, accelerate their growth and give them a healthy glow. At this time, give preference to more restrictive hairstyles to achieve success at work.

Oct 28-29: the Moon is in the constellation of Aquarius, and that means that at the end of the month you will be able to ponder to make the original hair. Don’t be afraid to Express yourself: your risk will be justified, and a new hairstyle will boost your confidence.

October 30-31: the constellation Pisces and 11-12 lunar day are a great combination to make a new haircut. During this period, it will positively affect your health and will protect you from negative energy. Give preference to the classics. Even if your hairstyle is simple and understated, it will raise your business mindset and help you achieve your goals.

To keep your hair healthy and beautiful, visit your hairdresser only into the appropriate days, and the experts of website dailyhoro. EN will help you find out which haircut will bring you happiness. Be beautiful