Curl David Bowie sold for 17 thousand dollars

As often happens, after the death of the idol fans aktiviziruyutsya with a manic obsession with buying everything that is connected with their object of adoration.

Offered for sale various kinds of paraphernalia, such as records, CDs, posters, badges with the image of the hero, and even his personal belongings, for which at the auctions put a huge amount of.

The opportunity to purchase something from a star got fans of David Bowie.

And it is not just, for example, a mug with which a musician the last time you drank coffee, this is a lock from his head.

A strand of hair was exhibited at the auction, which was held in California on June 25.

According to preliminary estimates the lock of hair Bowie could cost up to four thousand dollars. But the organizer of the auction could fetch the amount up to four times more — 17 thousand dollars.

The organizers of the auction lot came from a former employee of Madame Tussauds. In the 1980-ies she cut off a lock of hair of the musician to create a wig of the wax copy Bowie, and then keep a lock as a souvenir.


Source: mirror.co.uk
Photo: mirror.co.uk

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