Cristiano Ronaldo was criticized for a women’s leggings

The legendary Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in addition to sports career is also involved in fashion design. It is unknown whether he changed the taste or just fans understand fashion much less, however, a new image of stylish men was roundly criticized.


The name Cristiano Ronaldo has long been known not only to football fans, but the Portuguese mods. The athlete is the owner of two clothing boutiques CR7, and plans to start her own line of fragrances. In addition, quite often the player agrees to be a model in the advertising campaigns of clothes, perfumes and much more.

Ronaldo has published in social networks photo, showing things from his new collection. However, the image conceived stylish and brutal, it seemed people quite strange: “is He in tights?”, “What’s the big deal? Plain gray shirt, sneakers and women’s tights”, “What kind of fashion went, the men in tights to wear?”, As for the tights! Two more strips ahead and everything is possible in the garden”, Pants with his girls removed?”.