Cristiano Ronaldo has declared his sexual orientation

Coming out Cristiano Ronaldo ended the skirmish with, atlético midfielder Koke, which occurred in the locker room after the game of the 12th round of the Spanish Examples. 31-year-old striker of real Madrid heard in its prosecution of sexual orientation.

“Koke has called me gay, and I told him: Yes, I’m gay, but gay with a lot of money” — quote Cristiano edition.
Still unknown, did Ronaldo seriously, or it was a joke-nanana. As they say, no smoke without fire and the rumors about the sexual orientation of a football player run for a long time, and since his breakup with Russian model Irina Shayk and does increased. So, he attributed the affair with kickboxer Badr Hari, romantic photos with a year ago, which spread all over the world. Cristiano flew his plane to Morocco to “close friend”, and in Madrid had to go back for a few hours before training. It is not like the leadership of real Madrid, and Cristiano was forced to obey, and to reduce the meeting with Badr.

Source: http://www.sport-english.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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