Cristiano Ronaldo donated a cash prize of Euro 2016 to children with cancer

Unlike the Russian players, who celebrated his defeat in the Euro 2016 as a victory at the world Cup, the Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo’s team, which by the way, and took in the result of the European Cup, decided not to walk on such a Grand scale. Not only that, immediately after the European championship, Cristiano went to rest with friends, and with my mother, son and a few members of his enormous family, and the fee for participation in the football competition of Ronaldo to spend did not. The player has been extremely generous and donated the entire amount of $ 275 thousand dollars to children with cancer.

The player actively involved in charity work, while Ronaldo prefers not to publicize such actions, but simply to do their job. For example, a few weeks before the start of Euro League Ronaldo gave another bonus prize in the amount of 465 thousand euros one of the non-governmental organizations. These funds were transferred to the athlete for the first place in the Champions League.


Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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