Cristiano Ronaldo broke up with the “Miss Spain — 2014”

Not for long music played. Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is free again. Western media reported that the Spanish player, “Madrid” pomatrosil and tossed his beautiful model desiré Cordero.

The reason for the breakup was that she could not resist, not to boast of her lover (and who would have held this in its place?), she wrote mysterious meaningful messages, publish photos from matches. Ronaldo began to suspect that the girl, who represented Spain at the beauty contest “Miss universe – 2014” was just PR for him. Cristiano started to make Desiree his displeasure, and during a recent altercation they decided to leave. Friendships pair is not preserved. Insiders report that the model and the footballer went very well and now do not communicate.

Source: https://www.championat.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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