Cousin George Michael believes that he died from an accidental overdose

Andros, Giorgio, cousin suddenly deceased last Christmas by George Michael, told his version of the death of a famous relative in an interview with the BBC. The man believes that George is on the light sent to illegal drugs.

“I know that the last time in his life with hard drugs. I think he just went too far with them and with antidepressants, and his heart simply could not stand” — said Andros and added that George was addicted to the so-called crack cocaine, but heroin Michael did not use, contrary to appeared recently in the media.
Andros what is sure is that the death of his relative is not a suicide. Such rumors circulated in the media of the day page last lover musician Fadi hacked, and unknown to the attackers he wrote in his name that Michael killed himself, because for a long time planned to do this and talked about death. And despite official statements Fadi that’s not true, the rumor has gone on people. As they say, spoons were found, but left an unpleasant aftertaste.
“One time Michael really had thought about suicide, but this is not the case. I’m sure my brother’s death – an accident” — he Giorgio.
Latest boyfriend George, he doesn’t consider. Like many of the environment to Michael, he calls Fadi leech, which pulled out money from a wealthy patron. In the last half year George broke up with the hairdresser countless times, but he always came back. Denies Andros and the words of Fadi that they lived together since that fateful Christmas night Michael stayed in his house alone, while his lover slept in the car.
Recall that the body of George Michael was discovered on Christmas day December 25, 2016 in a private house. Due to suspicions about drug overdose, and as a result, a series of examinations, the funeral of a singer decided to hold already in February. Presumably, buried the musical legend on the island of Crete.

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