“Contract expires”: Maria Kohno preparing to leave the “House-2”

Maria may leave the project because of the constant intrigues and lack pair. The popularity of her adds and attempts to get into other people’s relationships.

Participant of “House-2” Masha Kohno aware of its slim chances of staying on the project and is preparing to leave for the gate.

A long time Mache Kohno cannot be found in the “Dom-2” couple, all her attempts to build relationships with men proved unsuccessful, and the novels short. Recently, moreover, a member of telestroke lost the support of the team-for trying to get into someone else’s pair.

If earlier due to the love for scandals and intrigues Mache Kohno managed to stay in the “House-2” in the number of singles and not be afraid to be outside the gates, but now her contract is about to expire. This automatically places it at risk.

Considering the mass of unsuccessful attempts to build relationships on the project, the organizers are not interested to continue the cooperation with Mary Kohno. Her only hope for the option proposed by Andrei Cherkasov, namely, to find a boyfriend.

Until suitable candidates in the “House-2” no, Masha Kohno preparing to leave the project.