Conspiracies to water for weight loss

Due to its beneficial qualities, the water contributes to the rapid weight loss without adverse health effects. Energy properties of water will help you to achieve the desired results.

Since ancient times, women had paid attention to her appearance and figure. However, in every age the concept of beauty is significantly different. Modern standards of beauty are hard, especially excess weight. Many owners of this problem are ready to make any sacrifice to get rid of the hated pounds and give your body the elegance and beautiful curves. To achieve the perfect figure, not necessarily to torture yourself and your body a strict diet and exhausting sport exercises. To achieve the desired results in weight loss will help you effective plots for water which will pick you up for the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru.

Plot for weight loss in a glass of water

If you have long been trying to lose weight but your efforts are still not reflected in the figure, you will help effective conspiracy in a glass of water, thanks to which you will soon achieve the desired results.

Before you go to bed, take faceted glass, to the brim fill it with water, and then say:

“Everything makes me look fat and bursting, let the water itself absorbs and takes away. Let excess weight, such as water, jet me roll, only beauty in front of me will remain.”

After the spoken words leave a glass beside your bed and in the morning pour it in the yard. Repeat the ritual once a week, and then the extra pounds not only ever leave you and never come back.

The plot on the waning moon

For those wishing to lose weight a period of waning moon is the most auspicious time. It was during this phase there is an active cleansing the body by removing waste, toxins and excess fluid, as well as decreased appetite. Therefore, the plot on the waning moon will help you lose weight in the shortest possible time.

Open a window or go outside and looking at the sky, say:

“The moon is on the decrease, and my body — to lose weight. As the light of the night decreases and the weight disappears. Let the Queen-Moon is round and strong, and I — slim(th) and beautiful(th)”.

Repeat this conspiracy during the period of the waning moon, and new Moon coming you don’t recognize my reflection in the mirror.

Conspiracy water to lose weight while swimming

Plot when bathing not only helps you lose weight but also will protect you from health problems. To carried out the ritual as worked in the time of the adoption of water treatments, are fully immersed in water, and then say:

“Water surrounds me, my weight takes. I’m skinny, beautiful, healthy and happy. Water under the stone falls away, everything else kills me and takes it away. So let it remains forever there and not with me.”

Should be a ritual every day when dieting — it will help to speed up the effect and also protects health from problems that may arise on the background diet.

To diet yielded the desired result, you should have willpower and not to neglect exercise. And conspiracies for weight loss will help you to find rather a shape of your dreams without harm to health. That food not only brings you pleasure, but does not harm the shape, eat right according to your Zodiac Sign. Be happy