Conflict of Maya Dontsova and Alexandra Sheva passed on the information level

And although the beginning of the conflict was laid a few days ago and even hit the objective of the project cameras, many followers did not know that the standard domovsky incident will cause serious fights between the girls on the Internet. Surprised by criticisms from social media users, Maya explained that he considered correct and true your remarks about Sheva, especially since Sasha had already declared its intention to embark on the path of correction, the site says life-dom2.su.

In addition, Maya emphasized that unlike other design moms who strive to communicate and help their children, Sheva didn’t see the kid for a year, and it is unlikely in the near future to change something. But Alexander says the opposite. If you believe the girl, Maya shamelessly lying and is fully aware of the fact that she communicates daily with her daughter and very bored.

“We judge it – the viewer. Not for you, we came to the house, and you sell for the money their feelings under the cameras. So, ladies, Hawa, overbite from the viewer to complete the program. The audience is in fact different . Most evil of envy and their own inadequacy. Sometimes objective and sometimes judge on the basis of their sympathies. And certainly, Maya, on your side award will be very small. They deserve” – wrote the youth fans of the TV show.