Comes out the TV series “the Fugitive” with Okhlobystin in a leading role – 24???

On REN TV sitcom “the Fugitive”, in which the main role is played by Ivan Okhlobystin. The Director of the series was Mikhail Garnevski, known for the film “All about men”.

Okhlobystin would play the role of a con man on the Lam named Michael. The plot of the series will unfold around him in the fight against crime. Representatives of REN TV reported that the role of the protagonist of the series was also considered Oskar Kuchera, Aleksey Chadov and Egor Beroev.

Zernovski said that Okhlobystin was “huge” casting for the role of the protagonist of the film. According Ohlobystina, in “the Fugitive” real life combined with “crazy Comedy”.

Ivan Okhlobystin | kino.prim.land

The series premiere of “the Fugitive” on REN TV will be held on 8 October.

We will remind that Ivan Okhlobystin received special popularity thanks to the role of Dr. Bykov in the TV series “Interns”. He is also known for such films as “Nightingale the robber”, “Down house”, “DMB”.