Comedian Timur Batrutdinov may return to “the Bachelor” – 24???

Timur Batrutdinov, Russian comedian and broadcaster, will return to the popular TV show. At the moment, the organizers of the 6th season of the show “the Bachelor” choose the main character of the project, informs “Around.TV”.

In November of 2017 will start the shooting of the popular show “the Bachelor.” Fans of the TV show looking forward to new releases of your favorite program. Many viewers have repeatedly stated that Timur Batrutdinov, who was the hero of season 3 of “the Bachelor,” could participate in the program. Today the organizers of the rating of the project is still considering a popular resident Comedy Club.

Russian actor and TV host Timur Batrutdinov | Cosmopolitan

The representatives of the channel TNT in an interview with members of the press said that the Batrutdinov already thinking about to return to the show. The most beautiful girls of the country can once again compete for the heart of a prominent bachelor.

Also some publications are informed that the popular Russian singer Yegor Krid in the number of applicants for the hero of season 6 of the show. This was reported by representatives of the Russian media, citing insider information.

“Egor has signed an agreement with the channel. He thought long and hard before you decide, weigh the pros and cons,” told the media, citing the statement of each Yegor creed.