Colleagues pashinina denied information about his death

Andrew Gergert, commander of the eighth battalion of the “Aratta”, a part of the “Ukrainian volunteer army,” has denied the information about the death of the Russian actor Anatoly Pashinin. Earlier, the Russian media reported that the star of Russian show-business were killed in the shelling.


According to Gergert, reports of news agencies are untrue. “All right, here he is next to me is worth it”, – quotes the words of the commander of the eighth battalion of the “Aratta” Ukrainian news portal “Obozrevatel”. Earlier, the death of Anatoly pashinina denied his mother. According to the woman, her family are all well, as the son is alive and well.

First about the alleged death of Russian actor in the Donbas reported by users of social networks. Later this information was picked up by the media. We will note, Anatoly Pashinin has still not made contact in order to personally deny the rumors about his death.

We will remind, more than a month ago widely known Russian actor decided to voluntarily poison in the zone of armed conflict in the Donbass, in order to fight in the Ukrainian troops.