Colin Farrell gained weight for the role, with ice cream

Certain roles often require the actor not only immersive, but also a fundamental transformation. Many Hollywood stars had to sacrifice his looks for the sake of screen character in which they needed to transform.

Not passed this fate and the handsome Colin Farrell.

For a film called “Lobster” Colin had to gain a few extra pounds. The task seemed Farrell easily doable and even enjoyable. Of course! Gaining weight actor by eating various Goodies, mainly focusing on ice cream and fast food.

“I ate a lot of ice cream – just drowned it in the microwave and drinking. And for Breakfast ate cheeseburgers and French fries”.

“Diet dreams” for many, for Farrell, this power became a real challenge because fast food he got bored very quickly: “you kind of enjoy fast food just because you can’t eat it. When you are ordered to eat only fast food, it is bored very, very quickly.”

Note that the fast food- food that is accessed by many celebrities who want to get better. On this special “diet” at the time told Charlize Theron, Jared Leto, Hugh Jackman, etc.


Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: IndieWire

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