“Cocktail in your mouth and lesbian kisses”: the Scandalous Shurygina on no less scandalous bachelorette party

It seems that the way of life of Shurygino was not restrained. Evidence is her depraved bachelorette party lesbian kissing and alcohol.

Infamous rape victim Diana Shurygina is going to tie the knot. On Thursday, October 5, a girl, who was 18 years old, must marry a cameraman of the First channel, the 29-year-old Andrew Slavina.

Before the wedding, the native of Ulyanovsk decided to arrange a bachelorette party in a narrow circle. Inviting friends from his native city, and taking with him a 33-year-old mother, Diana rented a limo. Sprightly company all night ride in Moscow, drinking cocktails for the ladies served was attached to the limo the bartender.

Some of the cocktails the bartender with scriptname jokes mixed in your mouth straight from Soriginal, and after a while the tipsy company tried to arrange an Orgy. Was the action under the gun cameras of the NTV channel, and the operator, who shot Diana for the program “all the scandal”, she asked not to show her the antics of her future husband.

As for the fiance, about it Diana responds with warmth. “Andrew, my man, I see him as the father of her child,” said Shurygin.