Clooney has no plans to have more than two children

Recently he and his wife sheltered the survivors after attacks by the ISIS refugee

On June 6 of this year in the family of George and Amal Clooney were born two children, Alexander and Ella. In the first joint interview with “The Hollywood Reporter” after such a momentous event young parents admitted that they plan to focus on two heirs.

According to the couple, at first they could not believe that the light will be twins — I think, in the documents made a mistake. Now 56-year-old George is single-handedly cope with the responsibilities of a young father — supports spouse and skillfully changing diapers, what were previously unable to conceive.

Recently, on the same news portal, news emerged that the couple Clooney in his house (Augusta, Kentucky) sheltered Iraqi refugee Yazidi survivors of the attack banned in the Russian terrorist groups “Islamic state”. The head of the family said that the man was riding the bus to Mosul, when the gunmen shot the driver and said he will do the same with everyone to get an education in the United States. According to the actor, now surviving Iraqi enrolled in the Chicago UNIVERSITY.