Clint Eastwood celebrates his 86th birthday

Clint Eastwood celebrates his 86th birthday

Top 5 facts about the life of Clint Eastwood

Today, 31 may, was born the world-famous actor, Director, composer Clint Eastwood. His contribution to the cinema is difficult to overestimate. The recipient of numerous awards and continues to create in his 86 years.

In honor of the birthday of Clint Eastwood edition tochka.net I found some interesting facts from his biography:

1. Clint Eastwood in his childhood moved frequently with his parents, living in Piedmont (CA). After school, the senior technical school in Oakland, he first proposed to try himself as an actor, but Eastwood chose to make money.

2. In the army (he served in Fort ord) he noticed the assistant Director of the TV series Rawhide and was offered the role of a cowboy. Since then, he has been claimed as a positive hero of westerns.

3. His acting capabilities were growing as a growing number of roles and images, in which he reincarnated. And in 1968 he 4. From 1986 to 1988 and was mayor of the town Carmel in California.

5. In 2001, the musical project Gorillaz released their debut album with the single “Clint Eastwood”, which to this day is considered the most successful single of the group.


Source and photo: glamurchik.tochka.net