Ciara hinted at the sex of their child

Pregnant singer Ciara, she is the wife of Russell Wilson, here-here will give birth to he first child. The artist is not without pleasure appears on the social events and posing paparazzi, but the questions about who’s carrying it under her heart is a boy or a girl – not responding. But the other day on his page in the social network of Ciara hinted that she would have a son.

On his page on the Instagram celebrity posted a photo taken during the party Warner Music Group’s Grammys 2017, held in Hollywood a week ago.
“Blue is one of my favorite flowers” — written by Ciara. At the party she came in trousers and blouse of black color, over which she wore a long cloak in white and blue stripes. Posing for reporters, Ciara stroked and hugged my stomach. Members immediately concluded that the singer will once again be a boy.
Recall that she is raising a two year old son future Jr., whose father is an American rapper f. The couple was never married, only engaged. Knowing that beloved was cheating on her, Ciara left him. They survived a lot of scandals after the breakup, in particular due to the fact that the apostate could not come to terms with the departure of the mother of your child and her affair with others. Now for the sake of the son they maintain tolerable relations.


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