Christmas Yule in 2018: what can I do and what is not

Christmas holidays — it’s a twelve period of Holy days. At this time people are having fun and resting from the hard work, but do not forget about the traditions and locked, you must follow necessarily.

From January 7 will begin the long awaited Christmas period. The first Holy day will be Christmas, and the last Epiphany, January 19. Also it will take time and a lot of other religious holidays. With Christmas Christmas is associated with many important events, but not fewer restrictions. Despite the fun, noisy celebrations and a variety of recreation activities, it should be remembered that it is a religious event, and conduct it in accordance with all the rules.

What you can do in Christmas holidays in 2018

On the first day of Yuletide must visit their loved ones. Even in Russia the Christmas period started with greetings and visits. Don’t forget to thank your loved ones for their love and kindness.

As in any other celebration, the necessary element of Christmas is the Christmas meal. Despite the fact that Christmastide officially starts on 7 January, many people begin to celebrate already in the evening of 6. Once in the sky appears the first star, you can get at the table of their loved ones and feed them with their culinary masterpieces. Dishes must be at least 12.

Advent ends on the 6th of January, which means that in the Christmastide you can use a small amount of alcohol. However, try to control yourself, after all this time is a lot of entertainment events — such atmosphere can lift your spirits and without spirits.

Holy days: every believer ought to visit the Church. If you have no such possibility, then pray at home, because prayer will bring you the result regardless of where and under what circumstances you say it. As long as it comes from your heart.

The Church does not approve of the conduct of rites and rituals, especially if people do it in the Orthodox holidays. Despite this, in the Christmas period, many wondering on love, money and even the name of the future spouse. Such entertainment is popular among the ladies, because every girl wants to know who will be her Prince.

During this period, be sure to give and take gifts to this year in your home was abundance. Congratulations sure to accompany good wishes.

Congratulate all of their friends, even if some of them you talk very rarely. Do not neglect this rule, and then in 2018 you will have a lot of new friends, and friends don’t leave you.

What not to do in Christmas holidays in 2018

Even on ordinary days, the negative thoughts and feelings are bad for our lives, and in the Christmas holidays they can and do become harmful to you. Don’t argue with others and not about someone don’t say nasty things, otherwise the whole year you will overcome disease.

With the onset of Christmas and before Baptism, women are forbidden to gamble. It is believed that if the fairer sex will violate this rule in the future no man will want to associate with her life.

During this period, nobody can deny care, especially for children, poor and sick people. Do not have to donate to the funds of the fabulous sums, you can just feed the homeless or give them some money.

Of course, at Christmas time we will be forced to attend work and perform your normal daily activities, but remember that hard work is not encouraged. In Russia it was believed that during this period you can only work a half day, and the remaining time it is advisable spend going to Church or for fun.

At this time, the hunting needs for a while to forget about his hobby as there is a sign that if the Christmas-tide hunter go into the woods, then it might happen.

Sometimes in our life there comes a series of failures, but we cannot understand their reason. Learning about the signs-the warnings on each day, you will be able to avoid trouble. We wish you good luck and success,