Christmas: traditions, customs and prayers

Christmas is a magical holiday, which is celebrated in many countries around the world. To gain support and protection of the Saints in this day to respect the traditions and prayers Christmas prayers.

Could not agree more with the fact that Christmas is a special holiday. Most people are expecting it and preparing for this day no less than for the New year. The history of this event really makes us believe in miracles. The Lord God sent to the virgin Mary of his Son, and so appeared on Earth the Savior Jesus Christ. Since then, every year we celebrate the birth of the son of God. In this day every believer must follow the Christmas traditions and customs, as well as to pray, because praying to saints will help you to protect yourself and your family for the entire year.

Christmas traditions and customs

Advent traditionally ends the day before Christmas, and then on 7 January, you can treat yourself to dishes, which were forbidden during the 40 days. Traditional Christmas recipes include pork, beef and poultry meat and fish and homemade cakes. On Christmas table must be the abundance of delicious treats, because the richer the table, the more wealth you will have in the new year.

A traditional Christmas drink called uzvar is a compote. It is usually made using dried fruit, and each guest just has to try them.

In Russia the tradition of celebrating Christmas and the winter solstice were largely similar. On this day, people dressed up, arranged carols, went on guests, and most importantly — fun. Noisy festivities began in the morning and lasted until evening. The young girl wondered at the future groom and the guys came to Woo. It was thought that the marriage on 7 January, will be eternal, and the love of the beloved will never fade.

At Christmas the family should gather around the table. You need to congratulate your loved ones and remember all the good and bad things that happened last year. Tablecloth and uneaten meals must be made by January 8. In ancient times it was considered a sign of respect for deceased relatives.

Pastries for the festive table was made to train even on Christmas Eve. In the evening the Housewives baked homemade pies and pancakes, but the main decoration of the table were the figures of animals. They not only served as an entertainment, but also brought a gift for loved ones, and gave to the poor.

The day before Christmas need to get in your house and get rid of all unnecessary things. In this day cleaning is not just a way to get rid of dust and dirt, and important ritual. So you for the entire year save yourself from troubles and misfortunes.

At Christmas you can not do heavy work, so to get out and wash this day is strictly prohibited.

January 7 if you meet the poor who ask you for food or money, in any case do not deny them. Do not have to call them to your house, but you will not be difficult to give them candy or homemade cakes with a festive table.

At the festive table you don’t sit in old, dirty or black. In this holiday you have to look perfect, and it is desirable that your outfit was white and new.

Christmas eve meal usually began in the evening, January 6. After the first or, as it is called, the Bethlehem star people sit at the table, congratulate each other and exchange gifts, and after dinner be sure to go to Church. On this day in every Church traditionally held the festive divine service.

Despite the fact that advent is over, and it would seem that there are no more restrictions on food and alcohol, consuming lots of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. We must not forget that this holiday is primarily religious, and therefore allowed only a small amount of red wine. The forbidden dishes on this day will not, so you can have all you want.

The main Christmas prayer

Christmas is a great religious holiday, so that everyone who believes in this day must pray to the Lord. Pray as you can in the temple and at home. If your words are sincere, God will hear you.

“Lord God, Protector and our Savior, we praise Thee and offer Thee our prayer. In Your Christmas come to You and bow to You, thank You for your help and Your goodness. Illuminated the Land of Your Birth, the stars and the Sun illuminated him. To this day we praise Thy birth, for Thou, our Saviour, the Land was, to us sinners, to protect from evil and injustice. To you we dedicate our prayers. Thank You, Lord! Amen.”

Say the prayer on the morning of January 7 and repeat it in the evening. Don’t forget to frequently turn to the Lord God that he always gave you his help and protection.

Christmas prayer for good luck

Thanks to the advent prayer for good luck the whole year your business will go uphill, and new initiatives will be doomed to success.

“The great feast of the Nativity of Christ I call my Guardian angel. Let my way of life there will be bugs, let me be your only good luck and prosperity. Let my life meaning will find, as You continue to help me and to protect me. Amen.”

The Guardian angel is your main defender. If you are in a difficult situation, turn to him through prayer on all occasions, and then he will hear your request.

Christmas prayer for children

Children — the meaning of our lives. Their health, happiness and future are very important to us. Be sure to pray for your child at Christmas, to protect it from evil, misery and unhappiness.

“Lord God, protector and our Savior. I appeal to You in Christ and ask You to protect my child from illnesses and evil people. Keep him out of trouble and atrocities. Albeit he won’t listen to empty words and frivolous, may you protect him from the actions of the wicked. I beg You, King of heaven, hear my requests. Amen.”

Prayer is desirable to say about the bed of their child. Don’t forget to do this every year, and then your child will always be under the protection of God.

Christmas carols — ancient Russian entertainment. From the earliest times both adults and children began to sing carols in Christmas Eve and was done only on 8 January. Soak up the festive atmosphere and spend the Christmas fun and memorable. We wish you positive emotions and good mood,