Christmas holidays: traditions, customs and superstitions

Christmas holidays — this whole period, which begins Christmas Eve and ends with Epiphany. This time is a set of traditions, customs and signs.

Christmas Yule in the first place have religious significance. Over time, however, Christian and pagan culture were mixed, and thus originated many of the traditions, customs, and even adopt. From Christmas eve until the Baptism the people sang carols, wondered, and made noise, despite the fact that the Church does not encourage such entertainment.

Christmas time is always divided into three significant events: Christmas, Old New year and Epiphany, so we will look at traditions, customs and omens of each of these holidays.

Christmas traditions and customs

The celebration of Christmas Yule began in the evening of January 6. On this day, before the first star people have nothing to eat, and then dinner is traditionally served 12 main courses and other treats.

After the meal, the believers went to the Church, where he was able to just participate in worship or to pray for themselves and their families.

On Christmas Eve, it was decided to complete all the heavy work around the house. All day people were cleaning up, emptied the bins and were preparing to celebrate Christmas. At Christmas it was necessary to devote more time to prayer and charitable Affairs, so holiday meals were started to prepare the 6th of January.

In Russia Christmas wore the best clothes and went to festivals, and the young ladies loved to speculate on future grooms. At this time, the most common distraction among young people was carols. Morning girls and guys dressed up, went outside, chose a chief, and then walked down the street and entertained passers-by with songs and dances.

Christmas signs
If Christmas Eve will be cold and Blizzard weather, then summer will come sooner.
If the evening of January 6 in the sky many stars, so the year will be fruitful.
At Christmas the snow fell the entire year will be a lot of money.
Usually in winter, warm weather is rare, but if for Christmas it’s bright and Sunny so, spring will come later.

Traditions and customs of the Old New year

Old New year always begin on the evening of January 13. This day was preparing the pudding with butter and honey, and then invited the guests and re-watched the passing year.

The second week of Christmas-tide was called terrible. It was believed that at this time in the land of wandering evil spirits. To drive them away, January 14, kutyu prepared and carried her home, treating his friends and neighbors. Our ancestors believed that this is a good way to protect themselves from evil spirits.

With the Old New year began a period of courtship. Boys came to the girls and asked them to festivals. It was believed that a marriage contracted on 14 January, will be eternal, and the love of the newlyweds will never fade.

At the gala dinner it was customary to cook the pig. After a long period of advent believers could treat themselves to meat dishes without any prohibitions and restrictions.

Signs of the Old New year
That year was fruitful, and the land is fertile, on this day, gardeners were shaken with Apple snow.
If in the night from 13 to 14 January, the South wind, then the year will be rich and fertile. East will be a lot of berries and fruits. The West — perhaps in the summer there is a drought, a good harvest will not.
If a night sky, many stars — year will be profitable.
On the table was usually served with pork, so how exactly is that meat symbolizes prosperity and well-being.

Traditions and customs of the Baptism

In Epiphany Eve was made to observe strict fast. Of course, the owners were invited to his house guests, but on the table was served only meatless meals. The main dish on the table was the pudding with honey, also served rice, bread and other food prepared without meat, milk and butter.

Even John the Baptist called people to plunge into the waters of the Jordan and baptized them. That is why Russia has become a popular ritual bathing in the hole. On Epiphany water has beneficial properties and, despite the cold, the brave men ready to plunge into the water below for the entire year to secure a good health.

The night of 18 to 19 January has always been considered special. To witness the miracle, the people poured into the bowl of Holy water and waited when she Kalynets, and then ran into the yard to see auroras.

If in the eve of the Epiphany you will have to give up frills in the holiday no restrictions will be. From this day begins the winter meat-eater, so the Desk has to be more meat dishes.

Signs associated with the Baptism
If on Epiphany Eve a lot of snow, so next year will be rich and fruitful.
If on the morning of 6 January, the snow falls next year will be a lot of buckwheat.
If the night on Christmas Eve in the sky the stars bright, a good crop of berries.
On the morning of the Baptism to hear the dog bark, there will be plenty of game.

Christmas Yuletide, as usual, culminates in a Baptism. One of the fascinating traditions of any holiday are considered divination. With their help, you will be able to know what changes will happen in your life in the near future. We wish you good mood and positive emotions