Christmas eve 6 January 2018: Christmas eve

Vigil, or Eve, is the last day before Christmas, which is necessary to properly prepare for the upcoming holiday. This is an important time in the life of every person, since 6 January begins a period of prayer and fulfillment of desires.

Christmas Eve — time to end a long and rigorous abstinence, inferior in importance only to that of lent. On Christmas eve, according to tradition, decided not to eat until then, until the night sky will Shine its light the star of Bethlehem, symbolizing the Birth of the Savior. This is a special holiday: spiritual, solemn and joyful.

The history of the holiday

The appearance of the holiday is rooted in the deep past. In ancient times, Christmas Eve and Epiphany were celebrated in one day. Between them you can really have a relationship, because these two feasts are directly connected with the spiritual cleansing, rebirth and new life. With the advent of the Julian calendar, these two holidays were separated. But still in the Church liturgies dedicated to the Epiphany and Christmas Eve, you can find similar Christmas appeal, though they are celebrated at different times.

Since ancient times Christmas Eve people tried to learn his fate. With the arrival of January 6, the power gained Yule divination, which to this day considered the most accurate. Christmas eve — a magical time when everyone has the opportunity to establish a close relationship with the Higher powers. It is believed that on this day, celebrate not only the predictions but also the desire. With the arrival of Christmas eve until the baptism of the people have two weeks, which is different from all other days, the most powerful energy. The atmosphere is literally saturated with light, happiness and love. It is not surprising, because the earth was born the Son of God, whose appearance is felt by everyone.

Tradition and the post on Christmas Eve

The day before Christmas is considered the most restrictive is for everyone who is fasting. At least 6 January Christmas fast comes to an end, but for believers it is another chance to show your love and devotion to the Lord. Once in the sky appears the first star, everyone is permitted to taste the special foods that includes wheat or rice water with added fruit and honey. In people, this dish called sochivo, from which it got its name the day before Christmas is Christmas Eve.

By 10 p.m. the churches starts the evening service, which smoothly brings the faithful to meet Christmas. The vigil helps people to rethink their lives, to be cleansed spiritually. It is a day of unity with the Lord that you want to spend in prayer and repentance. Our ancestors gave great importance to this day and began to meet him before sunrise.

In Christmas eve it is customary to read the prayer of gratitude to God and all the saints. It was the words of prayer will help you to establish a connection between you and the Heavenly Patrons, and any request that you ask the Heavens, will not remain unanswered. We wish you peace in your soul. Take care of yourself