Christmas divination betrothed

Christmas divination — an old tradition that came to us from our ancestors. Thanks to them, the fate will answer any of your questions, including those about your personal life.

Christmas has always included a set of rituals by which people are attracted to happiness, success and love. Divination is one of the oldest ways to know your future, and it is especially popular among young girls who want to learn about my fiancé. Christmas rituals must be conducted in accordance with all the rules. In Russia before guessing the young girl dissolved braids, took all the hairpins out of the hair, untie all the knots in the clothing. Of course, you first need to remove the body all the decorations, because they block our energy. Only after that, the girls began to guess. Did it with friends or alone. The team dailyhoro.ru offers Christmas divination, through which you will learn who will be your groom.

Christmas divination on wax

Before guessing on wax was the most popular way among girls. It is characterized by simplicity, accessibility, and most importantly — honesty. For him you only need a small bowl and a candle. In the night from January 6 to 7, get a room and light the candle, and then drip a little wax on the bottom of the bowl. When you say this:

“Burn my candle, topis, wax, tell me what to expect.”

Then look on the wax form. If you saw a flower, so soon you will meet your betrothed. The star means career success. If you saw the figure of the beast, soon your life will be a dangerous enemy. Obscure figure means that in the near future will not change, and hence the time for the meeting with the future groom has not yet arrived.

Christmas divination betrothed with mirror

Surely you have heard about guessing at her spouse with the help of two mirrors. To use it you can already the 7th of January.

For the ritual you will need two table mirrors are the same size and shape. Install them opposite each other so as to form a mirrored corridor. Then light two candles, put them next to the mirror and say:

“Betrothed-betrothed, come to me, show yourself in the mirror”.

Then carefully look in the mirror. If you see the human shadow, so you’ll soon meet her future husband. However, it is not necessary to look in the mirror too long: after you will see in it a foreign image, quickly cover it with a handkerchief or cloth.

Christmas divination on the groom with a gold chain

During this divination you need to follow an important rule — the Golden chain must belong only to you. If you do not have your jewelry, purchase it before Christmas, but in any case, do not use for the ritual to someone else.

On the morning of January 7, stand in front of the Desk and throw him a chain and then see what the figure was formed as a result.

Round — soon you will have a lot of fans, but true love until you meet.
Smooth band — soon you will meet the person with whom you have a long relationship and mutual feelings.
The site — soon you will enter into a relationship, but you and your lover will be a lot of scandals.
Triangle — you will soon meet her future husband, and your feelings will never fade.
Bow — white wedding.
Animal — you will meet the person with whom you will have only strong passion.
Heart or star — you’ll soon meet her lover, who after a short time after meeting will make you an offer. Union with this man will be long, but the relationship will only bring you joy and pleasure.

Christmas is one of the great religious events. No wonder believers celebrate this day and give it a special value. A few days before the holiday it is customary to do pious deeds and to pray to the saints, that they have brought happiness and spared from troubles and dangers. We wish you sincere and mutual love