Christina Lyaskovets spoke about their preferences in clothing

I want to talk about stereotypes! Yes! I love this style of clothing — I think it is stylish and comfortable. Yes! I love this jacket and this hat — I’m so very warm. I don’t understand who invented that girl needs to be like this or like this! People should be what they pokayfu! For me personally, dumb, when the “horse” on the heel, where she can’t walk! Or when “feminine” is a chick in brown nylon stockings! Beeee. I believe this is dumb!
Let the summer heat of course you can wear a sundress, dress and so on. This is natural, because the weather allows! You can wear a dress to a holiday, celebration, restaurant or a nice event! But not in winter, minus 15! Not just for food (I’m not talking about casual dresses for every day!). Not on a barbecue to go in heels and dress! This is idiocy, strem and complexes! It’s all your systems!!! Must be willing! The only way to be beautiful in every way! You can dress EC*salino and sneakers with jeans! Optional dress for p*ZDU! If only heels and a dress to Express you as a girl, I pity you! I think beautiful is when you feel confident! And all the rest of your prejudices!