Christina labzina not ready to do anything at the behest

I think this is the moment when I have every right to dispel all the rumors that recently began to walk in the Internet. Was very amused by one of the articles about the fact that in real life I am in the criminal investigation. At least if I was in such a situation, overseas me no one released. This is the first. Second. Even could not think that from-for not observance of the contract of the contract, can make so.

I was on the project first, true sympathy to Phil, and that my friends is that many on the project, maybe I have said this many times, you know that ratings, popularity, etc., was not important for me. Yes, I understand that this is a project and should show! BUT! I thought it was a project where people first true build your Love! But as it turned out, to quote the words of one of the main people who do it all: “Your Love and sincerity to me… not needed! I need show”! I have a healthy sense of humor, and the very man easy and positive, but everything that happened to me while I was on the project (I can’t speak for the other participants, to each his own), I consider it humiliating! I’m not ready to do anything on orders, to go against my better judgment and do as they say. Even for the sake of any fame and popularity.

Take the situation with the same Phil. We are 2 adults, adequate human, with his past, views and experience. Such people cannot build a relationship, maybe you need to look at, to understand that we are for the individual in order not to suffer another fiasco. And when each of the frontal from the moment I arrived on the island , there was a stampede to the extent that we were forced to move together, of course, went to us in the negative, and led to the fact that we went in the corners, mutually deciding that we don’t need, maybe to each other we are very good, and did not want to spoil this initially companionship.

Problems with the staff I was never. Immediately all started talking and kept at it, not getting into some argument. In General. This whole situation, honestly, at first very upset. Now, it does not cause any emotions. I was very disappointed in the project knew there was a circus, but to the extent.