Christian Ronaldo became a father of twins

Famous striker of FC real Madrid and the Portuguese national team, the richest footballer, Christian Ronaldo has not yet confirmed the fact that he and his 22-year-old friend Georgina Rodriguez appeared twins. Social network fans congratulate the player with a happy event, but new parents keep the intrigue. The media even leaked the names of the children – allegedly the athlete called the boy, MATEO, and the girl eve.

From the beginning of spring, the media actively discussed rumors about pregnancy of the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez, which in the narrow circles he represented, as a future bride. However, it turned out that the girl is not pregnant.
On 8 June, the network appeared information about the fact that the striker of real Madrid had a son and a daughter. It happened on a day when Ronaldo played in the Portuguese national team against Latvia. The game ended with the score 3:0 in favor of Portugal. In the game the striker scored a “beautiful” shot.
Insiders said that the twins MATEO and eve endured a surrogate mother. But Ronaldo himself has not commented on the statement.
Friends of the young people lifted the veil of secrecy. Refer to the surrogate mother decided a new father. In March the woman was placed in one of the best clinics of the USA on the West coast. Babies are born in the same place where 7 years ago the firstborn of a famous football player. Then the son Ronaldo was named in his honor – Cristianos.
Christian Ronaldo is not the first time uses the services of a surrogate mother. The first son of football star gave birth to a Mexican. After the birth, she never saw her child.
With the advent of the son of Ronaldo has changed a lot. He focused on family, career faded into the background. This was told Kristiana mother Maria Dolores Aveiro. She stressed that the son always talks about the love for the firstborn and all the free time committed to spend with him. Indeed, Instagram is full of player photos baby Cristiana.
The relationship between Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez began in the fall of 2016. Young people appear at social events where gently hugged each other.
Before the kicker about five years met with a Russian model Irina Shayk.
Many media outlets suspect the attacker in sexual orientation. However, these assumptions are not confirmed. Judging by the photo in the microblog Ronaldo finally met the one and it was Georgina.

Source: www.elle.ru
Photo: www.sportobzor.ru

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