Chrissy Teigen fell asleep at the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar-2017”

Wife of John legend Chrissy Teigen scored during the awards ceremony of the Academy. Instead of peacefully snuffle under the awarding of prizes in his bed, the American model chose to sleep in a full auditorium. Pictures sleeping Chrissy has become an occasion for jokes on the Network.
The four-hour event proved to be Taygen, and in the midst of the ceremony, the 31-year-old Chrissy lay down on the shoulder of her husband and fell asleep.

It happened just at the moment when Casey Affleck got his first Oscar for her role in “Manchester by the sea” and pronounced his acceptance speech. She remained in the same position, when Emma stone came out for his award.

The mother of a ten month old daughter can understand – a little child can not fully relax, household chores has not been canceled, but still had to prepare for the event. Surprisingly, she fell asleep early.

Source: http://www.eonline.com
Photo: http://www.eonline.com

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