Chris Pratt showed the injury on the set of “Passengers”

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt continue to participate in the premiere of the film “Passengers”, where they played a major role.

Fantastic drama directed by Morten Tyldum talks about five thousand passengers, who were on a space ship to get to the new planet and colonize it. Transport must be 90 years old. So it’s time for the passengers has passed unnoticed, they were loaded into a sleep state. But two of the all woke up.

They are destined to spend rest of his life together in the luxury vehicle, equipped with the latest technology.

The film was not the easiest for all the actors.

So, the other day on his page in Instagram Pratt published a picture, which you can see to the injuries sustained during work.

The hands of Chris “painted” the bruises are huge. One can only imagine how much discomfort and pain they brought him.

A colleague of Pratt in the film is that the injury is not demonstrated.

Source: eonline.com
Photo: eonline.com

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