Children wore Ivanka trump

The mother of three young children, she is the daughter of the odious politician Donald trump Ivanka trump in an exclusive interview with People, spoke about how she manages to juggle business, family, parenting and participation in the election campaign of her father.

34-year-old Ivanka, gave birth to the smallest member of his family Theodore only three months ago, but she has no idea what maternity leave – a woman almost from the first days of life her three children spinning like a squirrel in a wheel.
“Motherhood is a rewarding experience, but for me it is associated with great stress. My husband has already adjusted to the breakneck rhythm of life of our big family. Jared is a wonderful father who appreciates family. All week we are busy with work, and weekend trying a lot of time to spend with my kids and family. The weekend makes us feel like a real family,” said trump.

Motherhood opened in the Ivanka her hitherto unknown side of his personality and new Hobbies. So, the daughter of the billionaire loves to Potter about in the garden, cook. With her husband in the past they are the perfect tandem.
“He likes to eat and I love to cook,” said businesswoman and added that five-year-old Arabella is a great mom, helps her to mess with his younger brothers in the kitchen.
With the advent of Theodora, the youngest member of the family, the older children were jealous mother to him. Ivanka had to revise the order of the day and get to spend time with each of them alone to pay, that is to say, individual time.
“Each of the parents, being in such a situation, must make all efforts to make the child feel complete safety and absolute love of self. I try to make each of my children was time. when I belong only to them. With Joseph we play with cars, Arabella likes to listen to or read stories. While the least goes to baby Theo, because his brother and sister are constantly joining us. But I think that it will be useful,” — said Ivanka.
Need nanny for Ivanka and Jared is not. Mom Kouchner lives two blocks from their house and always comes to the rescue. But most of all, Ivanka admires his brother’s wife Vanessa.
“She raised five children, all of them take in his arms and the eye does not blink” — enthusiastically told trump.

Source: http://celebritybabies.people.com
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