Children of Philip Kirkorov appeared first on the big stage – 24???

In Sochi in the framework of music festival “New wave” took place the concert of the singer Philip Kirkorov. Philip Bedrosovich was the host of the evening, informs StarHIt.

The event attracted many representatives of Russian show-business. Before the release of each artist the book told the story of the song.

Alla-Victoria and Martin, children of Philip Bedrossian, also participated in the concert. Martin and Alla-Victoria sang the song “my Bunny”, which was incredibly popular in the mid 90-ies. At the end of the performances children celebrities gave flowers, and they took their places in the hall beside the grandfather Bedros Kirkorov.

Philip Kirkorov with children | L!FE

Many artists and fans Kirkorov said that the concert was the wonderful song that is already loved by millions of listeners.