Children of Jolie and pitt want to put parents on Thanksgiving

Bad tried, Jolie! All attempts to separate Angelina brad pitt children were in vain. Despite all the dirt, where the actress poured her ex-lover in a Network, they will still want to see my father and celebrate with him for the holidays. For example, Thanksgiving children do not think like without my mom and without a dad.

Especially at the family reunion, at least in the occasion the younger insist: “10-year-old Shiloh told her mother that she wants to spend Thanksgiving with mom and dad. She even sent mail, pitt and Jolie, writing that the kids want to spend a holiday shared with parents. Like, it worked because Angie called pitt and invited him to a gala dinner. Pitt will bring the Turkey and the family will spend the day together.”

If the action Jolie some hidden intent? Maybe she’ll try to drink still legal husband and will take him drunk, then again accused of drunkenness. About it we learn later.

Now can only say that the FBI investigation regarding the facts of domestic violence, which at the beginning of the divorce process announced Angelina, discontinued due to lack of evidence.

Earlier, media reported that children Jolie-pitt refuses to wear the name of the actor.


Source: style.news.am
Photo: news for breakfast

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