Cheryl Cole responded to the accusations of ex-husband

On the program “You wouldn’t believe!” of NTV channel, the ex-husband of Victoria Dayneko, Dmitry Kleiman spoke about their relationship and communication with my daughter. The musician did not hesitate and accusations towards his former lover, who broke on the news sites and soon found out about them myself Daineko. She hurried to answer and throw some accusations towards Dmitri.

She did it with the help of integrame, putting the story where the white text on black wrote: “Strangely, when fathers who spend as much as 10 000 a month for child support beloved child and find time for meetings every two months, tell such inadequate absurdities on camera. I would have been at least embarrassing. The case when the desire is always the possibility, and in his absence — a million excuses… Yes, and for the Mat thanks to his mother’s beloved child. Once everything falls into place. Who is who and why everything is so.”

See the topic about parting both unpleasant, because Dmitry was reluctant to give interviews, and the reason for the break in silence. Return to Victoria he was not going as she is coming back. Dmitry said that her daughter sees, but it does it with difficulty. Seen the singer is resentment, which Kleiman is experiencing difficulties in communicating with the baby. The parents of drummer had not seen her granddaughter for a year, but in the court he to sort things out with the singer is not going to.

Earlier, Victoria was talking about his position at the expense of the former meetings with her daughter. “The child he loves very dearly, but in theory, in reality, is seen with her daughter once in two months, living in the same city. I offer many options, and in response to hear: “No time, no time, busy.” Or suddenly he says: “in the evening, at seven o’clock”. And at this time my daughter eats, bathes, prepares for bed. And he plans to play with her! After this game the child is simply excited can’t sleep. I’m not one of those who will say “You hurt me, child!” We have one rule: I don’t invite ex-husband to your house as well as his family. Because I don’t need at home any negative emotions I have every human right to be free from it. But there are plenty of nurseries, parks, entertainment, aquariums. The child needs to walk every day for at least a couple of hours, so why dad with daughter not to go out?”

Recall that the couple got married in April 2015 and in the same year they had a child. They got married in Kutuzovsky registry office of Moscow, and news of the girl said in his instagram, holding a wedding photo. Rumors about problems in the relationship allowed the singer herself, holding the picture and signed it: “With me and my baby will be all right, we have a good life. () beyoncé”. Soon she put the photos from the party on the occasion of the birthday of their daughter where no father.

Source: ru.hellomagazine.com
Photo: dni.ru, www.spletnik.ru, ivona.bigmir.net

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