Cheryl Cole has banned mother-in-law to see her granddaughter

Singer Victoria Daineko recently raising a daughter. With her husband, drummer Dmitry Kleiman they lingering sluggish drama, and suffer from it, as not only former lovers. According to some, Anna, presented to reporters a friend of Victoria, in the two years that Vick has been a daughter-in-law, she did not have a warm relationship with the mother of the husband of Valentina Nikolaevna.

Anna said that mother-in-law came to the defense of his son, than fell out of favour of his daughter. We are talking about when Victoria caught her husband in a conversation with another woman. Then burst into a terrible scandal, and they practically fell apart. Daineko went to conciliation with the caveat that this will not happen again, but since it was overcome paranoia. Victoria began to check the phone of the beloved, and trust to her husband and never returned. As the saying goes “he who seeks will always find”. The singer apparently found proof of infidelity Dmitry and broke up with him.
To comment on his personal life, let alone one of its unsightly part, Dayneko not going to. How is not going to share your child with people who betrayed her. Victoria is confident in his abilities and knows that can take care of the baby herself.
“My husband and I are in a difficult period in relations, and we agreed to disperse at different angles. The most important thing for me is that our personal problems did not affect the child” — and she told the press.
Anna believes that Victoria and Dimitri can be together. Divorce is not talking. Recently, Kleiman came to see the child, and a friend of the actress hopes that they all will be adjusted.

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