Chernihiv icon of the Mother of God

Theotokos icon — the heritage of the Orthodox Church. Each of them is hidden miraculous power, love and mercy of the virgin to the needs of the worshipers.

Chernihiv icon, the people gefsimansky, declared itself in the distant XVII century. There is a version that the icon is not that other, as a list (copy), written with Elias image of the virgin, but no evidence that there is. This is one of the famous and miraculous images of the blessed virgin belonging to the special type. After all, it is a weeping icon, which can not only Bendigo to listen to, but streaming tearful compassion for the believers.

The history of Chernigov icon of the virgin

Believers heralded the Chernigov icon in 1662. At the time she rested in the walls of the Trinity-Elias monastery. According to numerous prayer requests, addressed to the mother of God, the abode of God was spared from the attacks of Tatars. Before the Holy lady answered prayers with her dripping tears. Exactly nine days the residents of Chernigov saw the mother of God, it’s tears, in sympathy with believers. After some time, the strangers attacked the city, bringing believers irreparable harm, destroying the area and killing many innocent people. Novices of the temple left it after prayers to the virgin Mary, having found refuge and salvation in the bowels of the caves.

The Tartars broke into the Church, but as they tried to steal the jewels on the icons invisible force threw them aside and didn’t let in caves, sheltering believers and clergy. The enemies were so frightened by the incomprehensible phenomenon, that chose to flee from the city. After this miracle from Chernihiv icon began to radiate miraculous phenomena, each of which was approved.

Where is the miraculous lik

After the miracle, which the Chernigov icon revealed to the world and the residents of Chernihiv, it was attached to the ownership of the Gethsemane skete and remained there until 1922. In this year the monastery was abandoned, but the face of the Theotokos was sent to the Moscow Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh. But the icon did not stay for long: in 1938, the monastery was looted, and many relics were publicly burnt in the yard. Orthodox family managed to preserve and shelter the Holy face in your home, but after that the trail and the history of the image is lost. Still not clear its location, so believers pray now to the available list on the revived Chernihiv assumption eletskiy monastery.

The description of the Chernigov icon of the Mother of God

Majestically on the icon shows the virgin Mary with a Baby in her arms. Their body cover is luxurious and beautiful apparel, showing us their heavenly status. The head of the Holy family adorned the crowns — a symbol of their reign over the sinful world. Baby Jesus with a gesture blesses the faithful, and in the other hand it is the sacred list, calling to honor all the commandments of God.

What helps Chernihiv icon of the virgin

Mother of God is the first intercessor and the Holy molitvennitsa for the life of all Christian believers. Prayer beside Her face Chernihiv will soften your heart, focus on repentance and help you to find peace in the soul, get rid of many sins. A lady crying out in despair, misery and agony. It helps and saves from sudden death, and the devil’s attacks and incurable diseases. Also assists in the fight against blindness, smallpox, and paralysis.

The prayer to the virgin Mary near the Holy image

“Oh, Heavenly lady, Holy Mother and Queen of Heaven, please hear and save me, a sinful servant (your name). Deliver my life from the vain lies, evil, disasters, plagues, sudden deaths. Have mercy on my life clock in the morning, evening and night. Let every hour spent on the earth will be under Your protection. Keep me sleeping, sitting, lying and walking and like the cover of his mercy cover. Only you, the Queen of Heaven, is a sturdy and indestructible wall separating me and the network of the devil, so don’t let me wallow in it. Protect my soul and my body from enemies visible and invisible, like a shield, cover me. Oh, lady and Lady, save me from death in vain and give me humility to the end of my days. Only You are the guardian of the hope of every believer. At Your feet I teach, do not turn away from us, deliver from misery and suffering. Let forever you will be praised and blessed. Amen.”

Day celebration

The day of honoring the Chernihiv icon of the Mother of God annually on April 29 (April 16 old style). In celebration of a special power be prayer to the virgin, and assistance emanating from the icon It doubles.

Virgin — one of the first zastupnici and protecting the lives of all faithful Orthodox Christian. She helps everyone who comes to her with a warm and sincere prayer, in faith and love for Christ in the heart. Prayer is the key to success to help you become a happier everyone. We wish you strong faith, success,