Cher apologized for using Emoji “bomb” in a tweet about a terrorist attack in the Turkish airport

The attack, which occurred recently at the airport in Istanbul, left no one indifferent. As ordinary citizens and celebrities through social networking sites, expressed his condolences to the families and victims. Was no exception and the singer cher.

70-year-old celebrity on his Twitter page have left the following message: “We all pray for the innocent victims in the Turkish airport. Seemingly innocuous full of compassion, a message was to be taken positively by the followers of the artist, but it was the opposite. And all because an Emoji that cher was accompanied by a message. The message of the attack, the singer supplied “icons” bombs.

“Icons” bombs? Sher you know what you’re doing”, “Bomb? Cher, that in kindergarten, you should be ashamed,” the shamed star of her subscribers.

Realizing how inappropriate was the use of Emoji BBM in the message, she immediately apologized for the offense: “I think it is still about the stupid things I did. No I’m sorry no because of the “icons” of bombs. I usually use “icons” to Express something more. I’m sorry,” — said in a new tweet cher.

Source: style.news.am
Photo: spletnik.ru

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