Chelsea handler had two abortions in 16 years

Famous American TV host Chelsea Handler talked about their “skeletons in the closet.” The celebrity admitted that at the age of sixteen had two abortions. 41-year-old has decided to tell about it in an essay for Playboy magazine. Thus it wishes to contribute to the debate on women’s rights to abortion.

“The first time I got pregnant, I wanted to keep it, but my parents took me to the family planning center. I was lucky. I had the procedure legally and not succumbing to the threat to their own life. In the same year I came tuzha again, but alone. I understand what to do more than one abortion a year is a big irresponsibility, and this decision should be well thought out. But I am a normal person who makes mistakes. At sixteen I was wrong twice, but I want to say that nobody has the right to restrict a person’s choice in this matter and to decide for him what to do,” wrote Chelsea.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com
Photo: http://www.businessinsider.com

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