Charms for good luck for each day

To attract good luck in different ways, including through an efficient conspiracy. Repeat them every day, that capricious fortune was always there with you.

Luck may be different. Use the plots to your life no place for negativity, the house was full Cup, and things were progressing well. Don’t forget that the conspiracy must come with a sincere faith, because through the power of words you can surround yourself and your loved ones positive energy.

Conspiracy for good luck and prosperity in the house

To the work of the house was progressing well, and the household lived in the world and fret, every day to repeat the following words: “In my house, love lives. It controls everything, the bad weather drives away. Cooking with love, get off it, Wake up and fall asleep, in the power of love believe.” You cook or clean, perform other chores, mention the word conspiracy, and then your house will not be in strife and negative energy.

Plot from bad luck

Our ancestors every morning after you Wake up washed in spring water and said a conspiracy that drove them from trouble, attracting good fortune and luck. In the morning wash your face with, stand facing the sunrise and say: “Woe to the miserable light goes on, house looks. My miss, pass by, my word any grief from the house will take. No this place is bad luck, only love and trust.”

Conspiracy for good luck in business

Luck will never leave the house, employing with love, doing needlework and strongly support atmosphere of comfort. Even if you don’t sew every day tying knots on a woollen thread, repeating the words of a conspiracy: “Nodes strong business tie, so they argued, developed to the end I was able”. These words you can pronounce, sewing up holes clothes sewing buttons.

The conspiracy of boredom

Luck helps to get rid of the longing for loved ones who are traveling or live far away from you. Brighten up the minutes of solitude before meeting you, a simple plot: “my Longing is miserable, you chased, despondency do not know. As the Sun wakes up the Land of smiles and my soul will fade, good luck sadness will prevail.” Say those words every morning to your mood was always positive.

The conspiracy to cash abundance

Financial well-being allows you to live without worries and thoughts about where to find funds for accommodation and purchase needed. These words are spoken, holding a coin: “Finance is not the water, through his fingers not leaving my house not leave me in trouble will not leave”. Attract money luck every day of your life was not material problems.

Conspiracy for good luck in trade

If your business involves trading, then this plot will help you to retain customers and every day is good: “my works are simple, honest. No deception, their true lead. My product is happiness to you brings, me coins ringing leaves”. Remember that your business should not be built on deception or fraud, and then luck will be with you constantly.

Conspiracy for good luck in love

The most strong and necessary sense in life — love. If you haven’t met my soul mate, and if you want to keep the feeling in the pair, say the conspiracy in the morning and the evening: “Without love in the life of the case is not glued, hands raised, eyes do not open. The love in my heart inspire, sadness and envy do not know. My feelings are strong and mutual. Night and day do not leave each other stretch, and my love, inseparable for life with me will remain.”

Fortune favours the brave and honest people, so eradicate the bad habits, watch your words, to inadvertently hurt the people around inappropriate remarks. Use the tricks of our ancestors to your house has always prevailed comfort and prosperity.