Charlize Theron would become a CIA agent

Production company Charlize Theron together with Universal undertakes a new project – a Thriller called “Need to know”. This film will be an adaptation of the novel by Karen Cleveland and tells of a young woman, working as an analyst in the CIA.

During one of the tasks when it scans various files, hoping to expose the Russian espionage ring working under cover in the USA, the heroine makes a shocking discovery that threatens her career, family and life. Note that in addition to the production function, Charlize takes on and acting. She will play a major role.

Interestingly, the author described the experience of working for the CIA – not fiction. Cleveland is cooperating with the intelligence Agency and assists in apprehending criminals.

The date of commencement of work on the project yet.

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Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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