Charlize Theron again brought his son to walk in the dress

Free time Hollywood actress Charlize Theron spends with their children. Paparazzi caught the actress during a walk with foster kids Jackson and Avnosti. Ve nothing – a normal family, but that Jackson, a six year-old boy was again wearing a dress disney Princess.

This is not the first time a child chooses is so weird for a boy outfit. Jackson’s hair are collected in long braids, and on the legs of sandals to match the dress. And if not know that Serlis have a son, would be safe to think that it’s a girl.
I must say that there is celebrities – to let dressing sons in girls ‘ clothes. This sin, and the eldest son of Megan Fox and Brian Austin green Noah, son of British singer Adele Angelo. But the daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt Shiloh considers herself a boy. She dressed exclusively in boys clothes, and wears a short haircut.

Source: http://www.spletnik.ru
Photo: http://www.spletnik.ru

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