Charlize Teron urged the younger generation to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030

Charlize Teron is demanding change now. The Hollywood actress gave a speech in Durban, South Africa, 21st international conference on AIDS, during which he stated that prolonged the epidemic will never end if you don’t have the desire to end it, and not to introduce radical measures. All hope Charlize put on the younger generation.

“For the second time in my homeland invited me to this conference. It is not honor for me. It’s not something we should be proud of. We don’t have to hold such conferences. Please pay attention to my words and hear my message. I don’t want to offend anyone or humiliate someone who for many years engaged in this problem, I have seen the results of what you are doing and it inspires me personally. Millions of people would have died, if you are your compassion and your dedication. But I think it’s time to admit to ourselves that something is wrong,” said Theron, and brought the sad statistics, according to which the results of the work of organizations that fight AIDS, not too optimistic.
“We have all the necessary tools that can stop the spread of the deadly virus, millions of people continue to become infected with and learn about their terrifying diagnosis every year. The real reason that we haven’t conquered the disease, is that we value the lives of some people more than the lives of others, we value men more than women, white skin is valued above dark, we value the rich more than the poor.. AIDS does not share these concepts, he doesn’t care who you are –male or female, rich or poor, gay or traditional sexual orientation.
We ignored the most vulnerable populations, we left them to suffer and are now looking like they are dying,” said Charlize and presented his project “GenEndIt”, whose purpose – to attract the younger generation, to encourage him to defeat the social injustice, which paralyzed the world in which we live.” Its appeal is not limited to AIDS, she also wants to defeat racism, homophobia and poverty.
“If we want to beat AIDS, we must overcome the disease in our hearts and minds. I believe that young people can do it. The younger generation has always been the engine of change, and this new generation is unique, it breaks taboos and ancient stereotypes regarding race and sexual orientation. Give way young. They need to plant for a negotiating table with us, they’ll listen to us and do what we failed to do for decades. We have set a goal of ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030,” — said confidently Charlize.

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